the fact that teachers actually expect you to do homework is annoying

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Here in this gifset, we see Ezra treating Aria the way he’s treated her all series long (prior to 4B). She doesn’t want to do something? Of course, it’s up to her when she wants to. She’s feeling down about her “photo-taking” abilities, cue Ezra to cheer her up and encourage her that she knows what she’s doing. She’s scared he hates her? No, he hates himself and he could ~never hate her~. He’s upset with himself because he knows she should be with somebody her own age. Aria’s currently unhappy with how their relationship changed? He loves her, but lets her go because all that matters to him is that she’s happy. Aria continues pursuing Ezra to get back together with her, Ezra tells her the only person he’s worried about is her, and that he wants to make sure that this is what she wants. Also keep in mind this was during the time her parents were threatening to turn him in/get him fired. Noel ends up blackmailing Ezra? Ezra is going to resign because he doesn’t want Noel to hurt ARIA or tease her. While Aria wants to keep fighting with her family to stay with Ezra, he tells her no. You’re not going to break up your family for me. And lastly, wanting to take another step into coming out as a public couple, Ezra leaves it up to her. It’s her decision. Once again. Like always.

“We share such a similar aesthetic. Relaxed but cool, easy but stylish. It felt very organic. It’s very SoCal—easy, fun, flirty, and cool.” - Lucy Hale for Hollister Co. 

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OTP CHALLENGE: [1/7] scenes
↳ The Badass Seed

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AU: Hanna & Emily are a couple, but now that Alison’s back, their relationship is beginning to fracture. Emily returns to being that 15 year old girl who’s head over heels for Ali, while Hanna’s road down ‘Alcohol Lane’ displays her hurt and anguish. [insp fanfic.]

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"Once you found out about the book, the only thing that I could think of was how to make it up to you. And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me. But I realized, that might not ever happen, and I had to be  o k a y  with that.”

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Give me a character and I will answer:



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  • 5 words to best describe them
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Pretty Little Liars - 5x09 - Canadian Promo

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